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$14.99 $19.99

  • Eva foam  (purple only)
  • ✔ MULTIPURPOSE high Density d Shaped Foam Roller, can be used for the following: BBL Toilet Riser, D-Shaped high Density Foam Lumbar Roll Back Support Pillow, Exercise high Density Foam, Yoga or Pilates high Density Firm Foam
  • ✔ GET THIS COMFORTABLE INSTANT BBL toilet Riser and Alleviate Your Stress and Pain. Allows You to Sit Without Damaging Your New Booty
  • ✔ THIS LUXURY PREMIUM High density foam provides the perfect firmness level shape support, yet it's soft enough to offer real comfort and relief
  • ✔IMPROVES FLEXIBILITY Using the unique stimulating bumps this roller helps to relieve soreness and tension in muscles, improving range of motion and flexibility
  • ✔PREMIUM HIGH DENSITY EVA foam provides durable extra-firm support while being soft to touch
  • ✔LONG LASTING durability and easy clean up makes these ideal for multi-user environments like physical therapy clinics and gyms, after bbl surgery as a toilet riser or back support. The uses is endless!

size 15.5 x 6in. x 3in.