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How to Sleep After Liposuction 360

How to Sleep After Liposuction 360

Liposuction is a type of surgery that uses suction to remove fat from specific areas of the body, such as the stomach, hips, thighs, buttocks, arms, or neck. Liposuction can make you uncomfortable while sleeping. The vital step for a successful surgery is its recovery, for this the patients must take proper rest and sleep to heal. Sleeping is the most important part of the body’s medicinal course toward healing and should be taken seriously after a liposuction procedure.  When you sleep,  you provide your body the time to heal at its maximum level, so proper sleep must be a priority. 

In this article, we will explore some helpful tips about how to sleep after liposuction 360  to help you get the proper sleep you need during recovery.

How to Sleep After Liposuction 360: Best Sleeping Position

When you've had surgery on your tummy, lying straight might not be comfy because it can put pressure on the stitches and slow down the healing process. It's better to find a comfortable position that reduces this pressure and keeps those sutures to stay in place without any pulling or stretching. Sleeping on your side could be acceptable, but there are chances you may move a lot, which can cause the stitches to be pulled or open. So, lying on your back is usually best because you can’t sleep on your tummy.

If you had liposuction on your back or one side of your body, try to sleep on the side that wasn't operated on. It can be more comfy. Use pillows between your knees to keep your body straight and take the pressure off the surgery area.

Recliners are great to use as they ensure no pressure on your wounds by lifting your head a bit, bending your knees up, and keeping your bottom down. These positions help with healing, but some people might find it hard to fall asleep like that. Before your surgery, you could get used to sleeping this way by practicing. Many patients prefer to sleep in a recliner during recovery, which keeps their bodies in a safe position.

If you don't have a recliner, you can still make a comfy setup with special pillows. There are pillows shaped like a big U that can lift parts of your body, just like a recliner does. Putting a big pillow under your knees can also help make you more comfy. You might be interested in reading Mastering Sleep after Liposuction. 

Recommended Accessories Post Liposuction

  1. Pillows: It is strongly recommended to use BBL pillows post-surgery. You can put them under your knees, between your legs, or behind your back to aid comfort.
  2. Compression Garment: It is recommended by plastic surgeons to wear compression garments post-lipo. It reduces swelling, supports the healing skin, and ensures optimal results. It can also prevent discomfort while sleeping.
  3. Bed: A good quality bed, which provides ample support, is crucial. It ensures that there’s no unnecessary pressure on any part of the body.
  4. Portable Urinal Device: Post-surgery, some might frequently visit the bathroom at night.  You should use a portable female urinal device to pee so you may not need to sit on the toilet again and again. Because while sitting you can put pressure on the stitches and will open them. 
  5. Abdominal Board: It is recommended to use ab board after liposuction as it keeps the area of the abdomen straight and prevents fluid buildup called seromas. So, it's helpful for your recovery.

Ways to Get Better Sleep After Liposuction

There are a few methods to get better sleep after liposuction. 

1. Pain management 

Pain can interrupt sleep so take pain medication provided by the doctor to alleviate the pain, manage discomfort, and facilitate better sleep. You must take painkillers during the first-week post-surgery. 

2. Try Relaxation Techniques

You will have emotional ups and downs after plastic surgery. If you have anxiety and stress try some relaxing techniques like deep breathing exercises, and meditation right before bedtime. This will relax your mind.

3. Have a Healthy Diet

During your recovery, take care of what you eat and drink, especially if you're having trouble sleeping. Some foods can help you sleep better, but others can keep you awake. Avoid caffeine, fatty foods, hard-to-digest foods, and big meals right before bedtime.

4. Create Comfortable Environment

Noise, light, and temperature cause problems while sleeping. Make sure to have a comfortable room temperature, no noise, and a peaceful environment.  You can wear earplugs and a sleep mask if you need them.

Final Thoughts

You will be excited imagining how your body will look after liposuction surgery. However, it is quite stressful not able to get proper sleep as you cannot find the perfect sleeping position. In this article, we have explained how to sleep after liposuction 360. We hope it will help you. Read about Liposuction recovery tips.  

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