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Do You Need an Ab board after the Tummy Tuck?

Do You Need an Ab board after the Tummy Tuck?

A tummy tuck or abdominoplasty is a cosmetic procedure for removing excessive skin and fat from the belly area to get a flat stomach. Most people get a tummy tuck procedure to tighten the abdominal wall muscles after weight loss or pregnancy. After the tummy tuck procedure how you take care matters the most. Proper post-operative care ensures the best result from the surgery giving the desired outlook to your body. Most doctors recommend ab board under compression garments to support your abdomen after a tummy tuck procedure. 

This article will discuss whether do you need an ab board after a tummy tuck and its benefits and risks.

What is an Abdominal Board/Tabla abdominal?

An abdominal board is a firm flat board placed against the stomach under a compression garment to support your abdomen while healing and reducing the risk of swelling and bruising. 

Foam Boards

Foam boards are soft but firm and provide gentle support to your abdomen.  These are lightweight and very comfortable to wear, you can wear them all day even at work under your compression garments. These foam boards evenly distribute pressure across your abdomen and aid in healing. 

Compression Boards

Compression boards are a bit stiffer than foam boards and provide stronger support to your abdomen. Compression boards are recommended when firm support is needed for your abdomen preventing swelling and helping skin adhere properly. 

Purpose of Abdominal Board 

An ab board plays the most important role in recovery. The main purposes of using an ab board are:

Reducing Swelling: An ab board helps reduce post op swelling by providing gentle even pressure across the abdominal area. 

Supports the Abdomen: It supports the abdomen muscles and tissues helping them heal in the correct position. 

Improves Shape: The ab board helps maintain a flat stomach giving the desired body contour result. 

Why Use Abdominal Board

There are several reasons you should use abdominal board after tummy tuck procedure. 

1. Enhanced Compression and Support

An ab board provides compression and support to the abdomen which helps in reducing swelling after the tummy tuck procedure. READ CAN YOU SLEEP WITH AN ABDOMINAL BOARD? ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW. 

2. Promoting Proper Drainage of Fluids

After surgery, you will observe the packet of fluids during the healing process. The ab board drains this fluid properly to speed up the recovery process. 

3. Improved Body Shape

The main goal of the tummy tuck procedure is to get a flat and smooth stomach. An ab board helps in healing your skin and muscles in the correct position. It prevents wrinkles and uneven areas in the abdomen giving smooth recovery.

4. Accelerate Healing

An ab board can accelerate healing by preventing fluid accumulation and minimizing the risk of seroma and other complications. Seroma is a pocket of fluid that can develop after surgery. The compression provided by the ab board prevents the risk of seroma

Surgeons Who Recommend Using a Board

Most plastic surgeon recommends the use of an ab board after the tummy tuck procedure as it provides better support, reduces swelling and gives a flat smooth appearance. Scientific studies say that compression aids can enhance recovery by promoting proper fluid drainage and reducing the risk of complications like seromas (fluid build-up). Read WHEN TO START WEARING AB BOARD AFTER LIPO.

Surgeons Who Are Against Using ab Board

Some patients find the ab board uncomfortable and hard to adjust on the abdomen which can affect the healing process. If the ab board is not used correctly it can put too much pressure and can cause skin irritation leading to complications thats why some surgeons are agains using it. 

Risks and Downsides

There are some potential risks and downsides assiciated with using ab board. 

  • Discomfort

Some people feel discomfort while wearing ab board. Due to its stiffness it's hard to adjust on the stomach and causes discomfort when sitting or moving around. 

  • Excessive Pressure 

When not used correctly ab board can cause excessive pressure  which can cause pain, discomfort and breathing difficulties. It can also slowed healing and cause new tissues damage. 

  • Skin Irritation

Wearing abdominal board can sometimes irritate your skin causing redness, itching, or rash where the board presses against your skin.

Alternatives to Using abdominal board

There are some alternatives which you can use in place of ab board after tummy tuck procedure.

Compression Garments

Many surgeons recommend compression garments they are snug-fitting clothes designed to support your abdomen after surgery. These are available in various styles, including high-waisted shorts, girdles, and full-body suits. They are made from stretchy materials that gently compress your abdomen reducing swelling and supporting your muscles and skin as they heal. These are more comfortable than ab board and are easy to wear under your clothes. 

Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Another alternative is manual lymphatic drainage (MLD) massage. This is a special type of massage that helps move fluids away from the surgical area.A trained therapist uses gentle, rhythmic strokes to massage your skin. This encourages the lymphatic system to drain excess fluids away from the surgical area and reduces swelling.You can use Lymphatic drainage massage  rollor yourself. 

Other Post-Operative Care Tips

There are some general care tips to follow after a tummy tuck procedure:

  • Healthy Diet and Hydration

Eating a balanced diet rich in vitamins and proteins supports your healing process. Foods like fruits, vegetables, lean meats, and whole grains are beneficial. Drinking plenty of water helps your body heal and reduces swelling. Staying hydrated is crucial for your overall health and recovery.

  • Gentle Exercise and Mobility

 Light activities like walking can promote blood circulation and prevent complications like blood clots. It also helps reduce swelling.  Avoid strenuous activities, but try to move around gently and regularly. This helps your body heal faster and keeps you feeling better.

Do You Need an Ab board after the Tummy Tuck. Read  ESSENTIAL TIPS FOR A SUCCESSFUL TUMMY TUCK RECOVERY. 

Do You Need an Ab board after the Tummy Tuck

The most important method in deciding whether you should use an ab board is consulting your surgeons. Your surgeon will recommend you according to your body's needs. Consider how comfortable you feel using ab board. If it causes significant discomfort, discuss alternatives with your surgeon. If you experience pain, excessive swelling, or skin irritation stop using it.  These could be signs that the board or any other method is not suitable for you. Monitor your healing progress, If you’re not seeing the expected improvements or are facing complications, it’s important to reach out to your healthcare provider for advice.

WHERE TO BUY Abdominal Board

We suggest you purchase abdominal board from us at Bombshell Booty Pillow. Our  Butterfly-shaped Abdominal Support Board is designed for flattening abdominal skin after cosmetic surgery. It will become virtually invisible underneath. It'll flatten your tummy and speed up your recovery process. You'll be able to wear your favorite outfits while also having the excellent effects of this Compression. Speed up your post-surgery recovery with our Abdominal Compression Board, as it is recommended after liposuction or tummy tuck (abdominoplasty), it keeps the area of the abdomen straight and decreases dead space, swelling, and seromas.

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