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A recent shift in the cosmetic surgery industry indicates that the Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) trend may be losing its steam. While a curvaceous derriere was the desired look for many women in the past decade, this preference seems to be waning. In fact, a New York-based plastic surgeon on Fifth Avenue reports that women are now willing to shell out $25,000 to have their BBL fat removed rather than to have it injected into their buttocks.

In recent times, several women, including some celebrities, have come forward to highlight the dangers of undergoing cosmetic surgery, particularly the risks associated with BBL procedures. Some have even had to undergo corrective surgery to remove the excess fat, silicone, or other materials that were initially injected into their buttocks.

According to the New York-based plastic surgeon, the trend appears to have shifted from filling up booties to shrinking them. In particular, women are seeking to remove the excess fat that was previously injected into their buttocks in South Florida and Colombia.

As the cosmetic surgery industry continues to evolve, it remains to be seen whether this trend will continue. However, the shift in preferences is an indication that women are becoming more aware of the potential risks associated with cosmetic surgery and are taking a more cautious approach to achieving their desired body image.

Dr. Neinstein, who specializes in reconstructive reverse BBLs, noted that the procedure is becoming increasingly popular among women seeking to reduce their buttocks' size. He explained that the reconstructive reverse BBL typically costs around $25,000 and involves the removal of excess fat from the buttocks.

Many celebrities have shared their own experiences with reversing their BBLs, including Bronx rapper Cardi B, who publicly discussed her decision to have her butt reduced. In a live video, she urged her fans to avoid getting butt injections, stating that she had removed 95 percent of the previously injected material.

Similarly, Blac Chyna, who had undergone multiple cosmetic procedures in the past, recently spoke out about her decision to reduce the size of her breasts and butt. She explained that she had gotten her butt injections when she was 19 years old but now wanted to move forward in her life and, as a result, opted to have the material removed.

Overall, these recent developments suggest that more women are becoming aware of the potential risks associated with BBLs and are seeking to reduce the size of their buttocks. As such, it is critical for anyone considering cosmetic surgery to research the procedure thoroughly and consult with a qualified plastic surgeon before undergoing any treatment.

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