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Use this BBL Pillow for Plane Travel or Driving, and don’t forget the Gaming chairs.  This is a multipurpose pillow. Made of intelligent foam technology.  

About this item

  • SUPERIOR BBL RECOVERY– If you’ve recently undergone Brazilian Butt Lift surgery and are looking for the absolute best bbl recovery pillow look no further.Our bbl booty pillow is the one you need
  • VERSATILE USE & TRAVEL FRIENDLY -Can be used on many different sized chairs,after surgery for sleeping. Fits all body types & shapes can be used for wheelchair,plane,pillow for driving or for gaming
  • MAXIMUM COMFORT – This butt pillows unique shape allows your weight to be distributed more evenly when sitting. Providing a maximum comfort butt pillow for sitting after surgery,wheelchair or gaming
  • SIT IN YOUR THRONE– like a Queen or king.Our BBL butt pillow is the largest of its kind, providing firm support. Be assured your booty will be lifted to the perfect height as your butt hangs free.
  • INTELLIGENTLY DESIGNED BUTT PILLOW – Unlike other BBL booty pillows, Our ergonomic curves are thoughtfully designed to fit the contours of your body. meticulously crafted making this a simple solution to your painful sitting
  • EFFECTIVENESS- Say goodbye to the irritating struggle of sitting after your bbl or gaming for long periods of time! Our seat cushion unique design ensures total pressure relief whether,at work or play
  • FIRM TO AVOID SINKING -Firm intelligent foam with a slight softness to elevate the butt and relieve pressure onto the thigh area. Does not lose its shape, flatten or sink after time or heavy use.
  • LATEST STATE OF THE ART INTELLIGENT FOAM -Adapts to your curves and our bbl booty pillow delivers the ultimate comfort. It's the most optimal solution for your bbl booty recovery.
  • DISCREET – Our BBL recovery pillow features a high-quality removable cover. Clean, stylish, and discreet bbl cushion which you can use anywhere you wish to sit with peace of mind.
  • 100% GUARANTEE - Our pillows are backed by our commitment to quality, we are very confident that you will love our bbl booty wedge pillow so try it! take it with you everywhere you go

measures 17.5 x 6 x 12 

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